The Foundation Programme (FP) is designed for students who have gained a basic understanding of Kadampa Buddhist practice and are interested in pursuing a formalised and committed study programme.

*** This is not a drop-in class. Please email [email protected] to schedule a taster class


Time: 7-9pm

Benefits of Foundation Programme

  • Increased personal insight, wisdom and experience of Dharma (Buddha’s teachings)
  • Studying and meditating more effectively following a specially-designed programme and qualified meditation teacher
  • An opportunity to discuss and ask questions
  • Gain the ability to integrate Dharma into busy modern life.

Commitments of the Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme is not a drop-in class. Enrolment is required and we ask that everyone who enrols:

  • has a sincere personal commitment to try to attend each class
  • will commit to at least 6 months after having one or two taster sessions
  • will prepare for each class by studying and memorising to the best of your ability the essential points of the text for that class (including the condensed meaning)
  • try to take a written exam at the end of each part of the book
  • Currently studying ‘How to Understand the Mind’ by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Fees and How to Enrol

£30 per month

Your FP membership includes:

  • All regular courses, classes and retreats held at the centre and all our branch classes.
  • Foundation Programme and weekend courses
  • 30% discount for empowerments.

If you have any questions about joining the Foundation Programme please email the Education Programme Coordinator at [email protected]

how to understand the mind

This book offers us deep insight into our mind, and shows how an understanding of its nature and functions can be used practically in every day experience to improve our lives.

Part 1 is a practical guide to developing and maintaining a light, positive mind – showing how to recognize and abandon states of mind that harm us, and to replace them with peaceful and beneficial ones.

Part 2 describes different types of mind in detail, revealing the depth and profundity of the Buddhist understanding of the mind. It concludes with a detailed explanation of meditation, showing how by controlling and transforming our mind we can attain a lasting state of joy, independent of external conditions.

You can purchase the book when you attend the class or online from here.